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Hatch Chile is a town in New Mexico that is world known for growing some of the best Chile in the world. The Hatch Hatch Chili, are grown in Hatch Valley, New Mexico. This chili resembles the Anaheim Chili by being long and curved. The Hatch Chili was developed at New Mexico State University in the 1920s.

New Mexico’s worlds best Hatch Roasted Chile consist of:

hatch roasted chileNuMex Heritage 6-4 -‘NuMex Heritage 6-4’ captures the rich tasting flavor of ‘New Mexico 6-4.’  It is more flavorful than the mass produced chile peppers used in the commercial processing industry today.  Each thick walled pod will reach up to 5 to 8 inches in length.

NuMex Joe E. Parker -NuMex Joe E. Parker’ is considered by many to be the most popular green chile on the market today.  It’s because of its characteristics that have made it so.  The chile is large in size with a  thick flesh and an excellent flavor.  Just like the Heritage varieties the ‘Joe E. Parker’s flavor is enhanced after being roasted making it one of our top sellers.  This chile has a medium heat level.

NuMex Heritage Big Jim -The ‘NuMex Heritage Big Jim’ has now come along and improved what was lost over time.  These Heritage pods continue to be large with an average of 8.5 inches with many up to 12+ inches (and some more).  The heat level has been stabilized and does not vary like the original New Mexico Big Jim and is considered a Hot chile.

New Mexico 6-4 – referred to as New Mexico 6-4.  The pod sizes range from 6 to 8 inches in length to 2 inches in width.  It is considered a mild chile and has a great flavor.  It is one of the original varieties used for green chile production in New Mexico.

NuMex Sandia – Sandia is an earlier maturing chile than other chilies.  Pods are long, smooth and have a medium width wall.  It is considered a hot chile and is one of the hotter long green New Mexico type peppers.

NuMex Big Jim – The peppers are long, thick meaty and smooth.  The heat level from plant to plant varies greatly.  It has become one of the most popular varieties for home gardens and making rellenos.  The NuMex Big Jim is considered by us to be a medium-hot chile.

Barker’s Hot – is considered the hottest of the NM type varieties.  Chilies are a little smaller varying from 5 to 7 inches in length.  It is considered an Extra-Hot chile.

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