Avoid Retail stores!

hatch green chileMany grocery stores and large supermarkets will do anything to eliminate a family business but roasting chilies is one where they will never succeed.

It’s impossible to have a cart guy or a cashier learn to roast your chilies correctly.

It doesn’t matter if you pay $5.00 or $50.00 for your roasted Chile if they don’t roast it correctly.

Very few know how to roast Chile correctly.

If you have to wash your Chile under water to remove the skin or scrape it with a knife or fork its wrong!  Washing Chile under water washes away a lot of the flavor, Vitamins and nutrients.

Your Chile should not be mush when you open up your bag at home, it is very important the Chile is put in a special designed bag to keep the plastic from becoming part of your Chile.

Never purchase a bag of Chile that has been pre roasted, many vendors will roast Chile that is turning bad instead of throwing it out.

RoastedChile.com has a secret way of roasting our Chile to ensure the meatiest and easiest peeling Chile ever!
Our referral rate is over 30% per year due to our great customer appreciating the care and excellent roasting of our Chile.

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